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Our company has experienced, reliable and professional licensed technicians that can cover all your pool needs. We are here to help!

Blue Tech Group offers a range of weekly services including:

- Weekly Chemical and Filter (For All Pools)
- Weekly Chemical/Filter and Partial Cleaning (Pools with Screen Enclosures)
- Weekly Full Service (For All Pools)
- Bi-Weekly (for Pools That Get a lot of Use)

Let’s list some of the most common price adjustments during our assessments:

- Size of Pool
- Screened or Open Air
- Age/Condition of Equipment
- Surrounding Trees, Shrubs, and Vegetation
- Access to Pool
- Chemical Demand of Pool
- Location

Others services also include:

- Acid Washing and Pool Refinishing
- Chemical Shocks (For When Pools are in Bad Condition and the Water Turns Green)
- Installation of Chemical Reduction Systems or Salt Chlorinator Systems
- Pumps & Motor Installations and/or Repairs
- Pool Parts & Accessories Delivery (Filter, Net, Brush, Vacuum/Barracudas, Hose, etc.)

All products and services are available in an environment where pool owners feel welcome and at ease. Our pool specialists at Blue Tech Group have quality service and customer satisfaction as their main goal.


Every time we visit your pool, we perform a detailed evaluation, in an effort to keep your pool in top condition. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.